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I was born and raised on a Vermont dairy farm; I left as soon as I could

The Victims of Circus Dance: A Work In Progress

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Here are my initial thoughts for our project. First, A Question: You mentioned a “screenplay.” But later referred to episodes. Are you thinking: Film? (Movie) TV Show? The answer will determine the type of structure we would use. The Characters:… Continue Reading →

What are “blinkers,” Grampy?

I have no grandchildren, a condition I blame on my own children, which I also do not have.   But if I were the patriarch of a clan, I can imagine all the interesting questions the little toddlers would ask… Continue Reading →

Helping A Serial Killer

Helping A Serial Killer For those of you blissfully unaware of the many crimes of Lawrence Bittaker, I will spare you the lurid details and mention simply that he and his partner rode the California highways in a van from which… Continue Reading →

1 Man — 77 Jobs

  The Many Jobs of Roger A Ford Yup. I’ve had 77 jobs. Or more. But “77” is such a great number. Click below for a pdf of the jobs. Or scroll down for the list. The Many Jobs of… Continue Reading →

A Place For Everything, And Everything Everyplace

I always know where anything is in my house because I keep it all in one heap. The “Heap Method,” as I call it, is quite sophisticated yet simple enough so that anyone can learn it. With the Heap Method,… Continue Reading →

Not Even A Store

              I grew up on a dairy farm in Vermont’s Champlain Valley, in the town of New Haven. I wasn’t happy about it. When people would say, “It’s so lovely here!” I’d reply, “It’s great if you like trees.”… Continue Reading →

Putting The “Pain” Back Into “Painting”

My wife believes we should do things ourselves. Obviously, she’s wrong. But I’m the sort of husband who would rather be happy than be right, so when she suggests we paint the garage, I agree. “After all,” I think, “painting… Continue Reading →

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