Roger A Ford

I was born and raised on a Vermont dairy farm; I left as soon as I could


May 2018

Helping A Serial Killer

Helping A Serial Killer For those of you blissfully unaware of the many crimes of Lawrence Bittaker, I will spare you the lurid details and mention simply that he and his partner rode the California highways in a van from which… Continue Reading →

1 Man — 77 Jobs

  The Many Jobs of Roger A Ford Yup. I’ve had 77 jobs. Or more. But “77” is such a great number. Click below for a pdf of the jobs. Or scroll down for the list. The Many Jobs of… Continue Reading →

A Place For Everything, And Everything Everyplace

I always know where anything is in my house because I keep it all in one heap. The “Heap Method,” as I call it, is quite sophisticated yet simple enough so that anyone can learn it. With the Heap Method,… Continue Reading →

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