Here are my initial thoughts for our project.

First, A Question:

You mentioned a “screenplay.” But later referred to episodes. Are you thinking:
  • Film? (Movie)
  • TV Show?
The answer will determine the type of structure we would use.

The Characters:

Here’s my list, with their “tags” or identities. Multiples mean I haven’t completely solidified, your input of course is welcome!
  • Bob Fisher: The Founder
  • Cris Chapman: The Lover
  • Thomas Caravello: The Fixer, The Mechanic
  • Roger A. Ford: The Reluctant Celibate, The Driver, The Manager, The Voice of Reason
  • Bo Morissette: The Illegal Canadian
  • Grok: The Blind Musician
  • 1955 Chevy: The Vehicle (complete with roof rack made from a bed frame)
  • Trailer: The “Stage”

Guest Stars:

This is just a partial list to start things out. Can’t remember a lot of names.
  • Festival Managers (we always asked for money)
    • Impressed with typewritten request on Victims letterhead
  • The Restaurant Manager in Indiana (?)
  • Rhymin’ Rob
  • The Blacksmith (Texas)
  • The Blacksmith’s dog
  • The Violin Girl (Maryland)

Tour Schedule

  • San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf (never happened)
  • Colorado (Renaissance Fair)
    • Thin air
    • Big tip from Fair
  • Colorado (Street Scene)
    • Bob abandons troupe
    • Victims consider donating blood for cash
    • Bob sells “boom box” and loans cash to troupe
  • Illinois (Part 1)
    • Must paint drums black
  • Indiana (Restaurant)
    • Roger must wear sandals (work boots not appropriate)
  • Illinois (Part 2)
    • Bob returns — repay loan
    • Pay for pizza with change
  • New York
    • Not allowed to use “fold-out” stage for safety reasons
    • Visit Vermont / NYC
    • Bo rescued from Canada by Roger’s dad
  • Pennsylvania
    • Roger dislocates knee — the show must go on
  • Texas
    • Tom grabs a $20 from a woman, husband says “you left it out there”


Need to place these into the correct areas.
  • Driving 1,200 miles in 24 hours (twice)
  • Trailer tongue breaks (3 times)
  • Flat tire (accident, no more stage!)
    • Leaving Texas
  • Tom finds some discarded table (legs missing) which by tying to trees, we are able to use throughout the tour.

The Bob Escapade

Remember that Bob founded the troupe, and created the schedule. Did anyone help with that? Contacting fairs and such? Remember we had “4” shows we pitched, even though we only really had 2!
Here’s my recollection of the event (with a few timing questions):
1. By my calculations, needed to raise some more cash to get to the next fair (Illinois).
2. We performed in the streets of Boulder and passed the hat.
3. Bob was a no-show for one of our performances.
4. Either at the same time or possibly later, Bob cut the guide ropes on @Cris Chapman‘s tent. That really scared me.
5. We bought (another) $5 case of beer, and had a group meeting about how to handle the “Bob” thang.
6. Bo suggested that since Cris was closest to Bob, she be allowed to speak first.
7. Cris said she thought he should go.
8. Everyone immediately agreed (which we later learned surprised Cris, who figured we would “talk her down”).
9. We reworked the Mummer’s Play to work around Bob’s absence (he was sort of a narrator).
10. We performed in Boulder.
11. Bob eventually returned, and had a long talk with Cris. They requested we give Bob another chance.
12. Reluctantly (for me at least) we agreed, but with the proviso that one more no-show or violent act would result in him being kicked out.
13. We had considered selling blood to raise money, but we never did do this (I didn’t like the idea!).
Another part of the Bob thang That I remember was he threw a fit at our campsite and was throwing cups and kicked over our table
14. We were out walking (why? I don’t recall) when Bob announced he had decided NOT to return to the troupe. He gave goodbyes to all. I wept openly.
15. Bob returned at some point after having sold his boom box. Astonishing to think that back in those days, a used box could fetch $100+! My recollection is $250.
16. With that influx of cash, we had enough to get to Illinois. As it turned out, we never used the money, so it SEEMED we had a bit of a cushion.
17. Within a day or so in Illinois, Fair personnel informed us our “Manager” (?) was there to see us. (Or was it “Boss”?)
18. Bob reappeared. His plan to get back to NY had not worked out (or whatever plan he had), and he wanted to know if we could return the money. Since it was his cash, of course we did. We drove to a pizza place to get pizza, where the shop owner noticed we had a LOT of change, and he “bought” it all from us.
19. Bob spent the night, and after that, I don’t recall seeing him until we were at the New York festival.